Yes, I'm autistic, and I'm a mother.

"If you're autistic, why did you have a child?" ~ Question asked by too many people

Once of the toughest questions ever asked of me is the one above.

Right off, let me say this:

Autistic persons vary on whether or not they want children as much as Neurotypicals do. Frankly, asking someone who is autistic why they have a child "knowing what they have" because "our children might be autistic, too" is downright insulting.

This implies two things: one, that we have a problem with being autistic or see ourselves as "suffering" from our autism, and two, that an autistic individual has no right having children who will potentially end up being on the spectrum themselves.

I'm here to tell you...that's utter bullshit.

If you think these things, consider this post part of your reality check.

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Excuse the Mess!


I've updated my website and am inviting you to check it out! What do you think?

Personally, I'm in love with it and I've been working hard to ensure everything looks beautiful, as well as ensuring any information you want to find about me and my books is easily located!

Overall, this is what you'll find:

  1. Updated FAQ section
  2. Store to purchase eBooks straight from me, and in the future, signed paperbacks and more
    1. Why is this great? Because I plan to have discounts, not to mention allow purchases of the book to read BEFORE it goes live on retailers!
  3. A form to easily contact me with any questions you have
  4. Author resources, including eBook & Print formatting services, for budding authors
  5. Booklists separated by series, standalones, box sets, and translations
  6. An easy form to sign up for my Reader's List

There will be more to come but I didn't want to keep my website down for too long.

As for what I've been up to...

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Education & Autism

If there's one thing I've loved my whole life, without fail, it's education. In school or on my own, I love to learn new things, especially when those things are my interests. I will hyper-focus on whatever I'm wanting to acquire knowledge in or about, and I will gather information until I'm satisfied with it.

Then, I'm on the to next thing.

I'm a sponge. And I'd rather learn something to do it for myself than have someone else do it for me...that is, as long as I'm interested in what I'm doing, of course.

It won't surprise you, then, to know all through elementary and middle school my grades were mostly A's with an occasional B. The B's were usually the result of something I found relatively boring, but either grade I received was from absolutely zero studying. In 6th grade, I never had to take a spelling test on Friday because I would get them all correct by mid-week. I was even in the talented & gifted program.

Through this, I went to three different elementary schools and one middle school...

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