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Books…they are a changin’…!

Hi everyone!

A brief post before I head to bed for the night about new titles & covers.

Recently, I’ve decided some of my books need new titles, updated blurbs, and new covers. Why? Because change is good and many of my books could do with a facelift. I’m hoping this helps get the books in the right hands to the exact reader (you!) who wants them!

The first book to get updated is A WOMAN’S AFFAIR, which is now titled TO BREAK A VOW. The cover and blurb has been updated on my website and on all the vendor sites, but unlike my site which is instant, the other sites may take a few days to complete the process. Therefore, don’t be alarmed when you see a different title but the old cover; everything will be good in a few days!

As for the book, I adore the new cover, find it more fitting for the story, and am told the blurb is way more intriguing! There were also a few edits to the story, mainly changing some lines to make them flow better! If you haven’t read the story before now, I hope you’ll check it out!

Soon, you’ll see the titles, blurbs, and covers change for the entire MATE series. Yes, yes, it is among the most known of my titles, but you see…they give off the wrong impression. They aren’t as dark as their covers portray! At the heart, they are romance novels, and I want their covers to entice as well as have a more cohesive look. Keep a look out for that!

Another title receiving this treatment will be LUNA. I think it’s time she had an update! She was my first serial and one of my most popular stories out of all. I hope to earn her some new readers in the near future!

That’s all for now. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

<3 Violet

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