Excuse the Mess!


I’ve updated my website and am inviting you to check it out! What do you think?

Personally, I’m in love with it and I’ve been working hard to ensure everything looks beautiful, as well as ensuring any information you want to find about me and my books is easily located!

Overall, this is what you’ll find:

  1. Updated FAQ section
  2. Store to purchase eBooks straight from me, and in the future, signed paperbacks and more
    1. Why is this great? Because I plan to have discounts, not to mention allow purchases of the book to read BEFORE it goes live on retailers!
  3. A form to easily contact me with any questions you have
  4. Author resources, including eBook & Print formatting services, for budding authors
  5. Booklists separated by series, standalones, box sets, and translations
  6. An easy form to sign up for my Reader’s List

There will be more to come but I didn’t want to keep my website down for too long.

As for what I’ve been up to…

Well, as you know, I’m engaged, and my wedding will actually be May 13th, which is two days before my 32nd birthday! I’ll be sending an email or posting on this blog again around that time, so keep an eye for it, with hopefully lots of good news in it as well as a surprise for you!

And, beginning on May 15th, I will be working as a full-time seasonal customer service associate from home. Yes, I have to work on my birthday, but that’s okay, as I’m just happy to have a job even for a little while once again!

For those of you who know about my dental issue, I’m happy to announce I’ve gotten the dental implants and am so glad I was able to find a dentist to work with me on that! So, everything is way better now and I can eat normally without pain. Yay! 🙂

Yes, a lot of my books are currently enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. I (foolishly) thought it would be better for me since the majority of my sales are on Amazon, but the truth is, enrolling hasn’t improved anything at all. So, they will all leave KU on June 11th or 12th, and at that point, all the eBooks will be wide again as well as available for purchase here on my site. I’m sorry if you’ve looked for my books on a site other than Amazon and haven’t been able to find them; I won’t make that mistake again because this is my 3rd try with KU and it doesn’t impress me at all.

To that end, I’m really aiming to become less sporadic this year. I’ve had an interesting couple of years, but now my life is really settling down (so awesome!) and I want to share that with you! I’ve got quite a few books planned for this year, including my paranormal/fantasy romance, Crossing the Line. Just wait til you see the gorgeous cover!

I hope you know that I love having you as my reader and I really want to engage with you on a regular basis in a way you enjoy. So please, use the form below to tell me what you would like to see from me when I contact you, or when I post on this blog. It will send an email straight to me, so don’t be surprised if you receive a personal email from me in case I want more information or just to talk!

Thanks for reading and I’ll post again soon!

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