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Stripped to You




When the only man she’s ever loved dies, Yvette Pierce makes a promise to herself: she will never fall in love again. Using her grief as a shield, she makes it clear she isn’t interested to anyone who approaches her, and keeps to herself as much as possible.

Maximilian ‘Max’ Hawkins — the doctor on duty in the E.R. the night she lost her love — is intrigued by Yvette, someone he has more in common with than anyone is aware of, and tries to bring her out of her grief in whatever way he can. Intending to make a friend of her, a simple kiss changes everything between them.

After someone from Yvette’s childhood shows up seeking reconciliation, she finds herself fighting feelings she’s never dealt with. Will her issues jeopardize her newfound relationship with Max — the one man she now doesn’t want to live without?