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Can’t afford my books? Ask your library!

Today I signed up for Blasty in an attempt to remove my books from illegal sites who don’t have permission to give my books away for free. Three hours in, there are nearly 200 instances…and counting.

Considering I have a perma-free book and have given plenty of free books away since I began publishing in 2014, I have to say I’m highly disappointed at finding my books being given away for free on sites that have no right to do so. Some are just ways to steal people’s information, but others are completely legit, with people commenting about how grateful they are because they’ve been “wanting to read [this book] forever!” beneath the download link. Or someone posting a fake book on Wattpad and listing links to my books in the document!

This is not a legitimate way to acquire my book. It is stealing, which is ridiculous considering all my books are available through Overdrive, and can be requested through any library that utilizes the service if a person who wants to read the books just took the time to do it. The library will pay for the book and the person gets to read it, therefore making it FREE!

If you click here, you’ll find a page listing all my titles, including foreign language translations, listed on Overdrive. Then, sign into your library account (if you can) and put in a request for a digital copy! If this isn’t an option for you, call them up and ask what needs done for them to include the book in their circulation. It never hurts to ask.

Other options are through subscription services. My books aren’t in Kindle Unlimited, but many of them are on Scribd and Playster and 24Symbols. They cost money (not as much as buying all my books individually) and I still get paid for the ‘purchase’ of my books.

I’m making this post because maybe people don’t know about the options through their library, or about the other lending services that give them a chance to read the books at a fraction of the price. So here they are — ways you or them can read my books without having to pay for them, or pay much less, at the very least.

Thanks for supporting my work and happy reading!

<3 Violet

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