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Author Resources

After four years in the self-publishing world, I remember what it was like starting out and trying to find services to help me with whatever I needed. Below I’ve listed a couple resources I’ve used in the past or currently use now and hope you will find them useful!

Keep an eye out for more additions to this list in the future.



Designs by Dana

Looking for covers or author logos? Teasers for your upcoming book? Dana offers all that and more. She was actually a reader of mine and three years ago, we became friends on Facebook. She began making covers for me as well as a couple others, and last year, she went into making them full-time! She’s friendly, reasonably priced, and really nice! You can contact her for more information and to see what she can do for you through her Facebook page by clicking here.

Love Kissed

Not only is Love Kissed Book Bargains a great site to submit your sales or freebies to for exposure, Love Kissed also offers a group for Author Promotion on Facebook, with many options for getting your book out there, growing your newsletter list, and more. Nicole knows her stuff, so don’t be afraid to check Love Kissed out to see if it’s for you!