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The Seduction of Luna is now LIVE!

Hey there!

As promised, my erotic romance about Luna and Tobias is once more available to read. This new version was given a new blurb, title, edits, plus an epilogue from Tobias’ POV!

Happy reading! <3 Violet


For one night, he’s everything I desire and more, but his deception may lead to the end of our love — and lives — for eternity.

During the day, I am Jocelyn Bates, local diner owner and nobody special. My evenings are spent as Luna, a mysterious woman uninterested in more than one night with any man. Everything is perfect until one passionate encounter with the gorgeous Tobias Giles-Blackburn stirs up unexpected emotions.

As financial difficulties plague my diner, he offers to help, and what does the man ask for in exchange? The one thing that breaks all my rules and I never intended on doing with any man — marriage.

What I don’t know is why his face is the one in my dreams or why I hear his voice even when he isn’t speaking… nor how my agreement to become his wife might result in death at the hands of a man determined to end us forever.

Author’s note: this steamy past lives romance includes an all new epilogue, has been heavily edited, and was previously published as Luna: The Complete Collection.

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(Psst: through April 30th, if you purchase this eBook through my site, you’ll receive an automatic $1 off at checkout!)

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