Standalone Books



For a guy who has no desire to tame his wild ways, is keeping up appearances with two women possible, or will he end up being the one getting played?


Loving My Angel

Danita's in a desperate place. Ryker may be her last hope.Will the truth finally set them both free...or is it already too late for a second chance at love?


Hungry Heart

Caroline's open relationship doesn't prepare her for the reality of another man, while Benedict is all in for the woman who steals his heart.


If I Had You

Darcy's irreversible decision tore them apart. Zachary’s never forgotten the girl who changed his entire world. Is this their second chance at love?



Luna only spends one night with a man before saying goodbye. Tobias has a secret and isn't willing to let her disappear from his life forever.


A Woman's Affair

A hot & steamy read about Leighton and Cole, the man ten years younger than her and ready to change her whole world if only she would let him in.


Sugar Baby Lies

Lucy is a sugar baby in love, Bradley's a doctor with a heartbreaking secret, and what comes next is a love neither of them ever expected to find.

Standalone Novellas & Short Stories